Tim with turnipsEat Better!

Founded by Tim Broxton in 2009, Easy B’s Kitchen provides custom catering services throughout the Northeast Georgia area.  Tim’s philosophy is simply to provide the freshest, wholesome ingredients possible while providing trustworthy, reliable and courteous customer service.  Easy B’s Kitchen can customize your entire eating experience.  From offering wine pairing suggestions to unique food and entertainment ideas, your experience will be personal and memorable. 

With a philosophy of “Eat Better”,  Tim embraces the importance of adhering to classic time tested methods and using the freshest and most natural ingredients possible, with a unique culinary style.  After spending significant time in both Italy and Spain, his approach to food was honed by cooking with locals and immersing himself in the culinary cultures and traditions in each country.  Both cultures prefer to employ simple techniques using the freshest, local ingredients possible to create gastronomic treasures.  In addition to adhering to this ideology, his unquenchable desire on the subject of food and abundant exposure to modern cuisine ensures your experience will be cutting edge.